Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's always good to have a "Guardian Angel"

Make sure you stop by "Altar" yes Sanctuary has reinvented itself with a whole new look.
They have a great new techno look with lots of wall screen video's, pusseycat doll dancers and of course angels...
Here I am with one lovely angel, Charlie look out...
Altar, 1620 Penn Ave. 412-263-1620

Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Magical Night of Art

If you didn't get the chance to experience Art All Night 2006, this past Saturday, April 29th, in Lawrenceville, shame on you. Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville has become a neighborhood of galleries, fashion and artist's residences 365 days a year, which all started one magical night a decade ago., don't miss it next year.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Brands with Buzz.....

There's nothing like touching the pavement in a new pair of shoes. Stop by and visit Pittsburgh's new sassy shoe store, "Pavement Shoes."
You'll find that pair of shoes that give you individual style and that special buzz....
pavement shoes
3629 butler street, 412-621-6400

Oakmont Garden Party reads like a "Gossip Girl," novel.

Didn't we do away with "clicks" in high school? It seems not all Oakmont retailers were asked to participate in the first annual Oakmont Garden Party. Shouldn't everyone be able to celebrate together? Then again I hear their giving out "dandelion" seed packets.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sweet Fashions for Your Pad

One can never have enough shoes or great pillows, and Semi Suite Boutique in Pittsburgh can help you along. They have the best home furnishings in town. I just love my Jonathan Adler "disco lady" pillow. So put on your favorite shopping shoes and check it out.
Semi Suite Boutique
in the strip 412-716-9922

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Were Fashion Meets Art

I always find inspiration at "The Andy Warhol Museum," in Pittsburgh. He really brought "art and fashion" together.
Maybe in my afterlife, I'll be able to talk dish with him and M.M., I can only hope.
Here I am at The Warhol.

Girls in Hats.

You can never go wrong when adding a great straw hat to that summer sundress, and this season there are so many to choose from, and to few sunny days to wear them all.
Here is Amy and Amanda from The Mall at Robinson's Spring/Summer Fashion Show for Carlow University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2006.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Beauty is a universal language, and somehow we can never get enough of MM. Here is Catiana in a shoot I styled recently at The Mall at Robinson, Pittsburgh.
This outfit is available at Hot Topic, at The Mall at

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's All The Buzz About?????

Make sure you watch Pittsburgh's MTV Reality star from Road Rules and The Gauntlet II Susie Meister on Q.Magazine, airing Monday nights at 7:30pm on WQED,Pittsburgh. I have been styling Susie and we want to hear your feedback regarding her fashion looks. We will also be doing some fashion segments together thru-out the year on the show. So make sure you watch!!!

Also try and get to Burlingtone Coat Factory on Smithfield Street, downtown Pittsburgh, they have some really great hats for spring/summer and some great trendy shoes to add to your spring/summer fashion style, and the best part is how very inexpensive they are. So you can have that great new spring/summer look for so much less and still have extra money for those tanning sessions...

stay beautiful always...
your Pittsburgh Fashionista...Suzanne